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Jun. 26, 2007

Pluses: A nice scenic town
Historical-Where Louis Riel's parents met

Minuses: The stores are only open until 11:00pm

A great place to... Relax
Go for a walk

Other info: The population has risen to about 1,500 by 2007
There is a new hospital and high school combined a first for Saskatchewan
- TimColl

Jun. 23, 2007

Pluses: I was born entire family both sides lives in Vienna and surrounding area. Its the quiestest, most inactive town you will ever be in...but its gorgeous and quaint and it still feels like home even though i was forced to move away.

Minuses: Nothing going on

A great place to... live...raise young children, retire

Other info: its the little blink of a town at the end of highway 19...and its as redneck as they come...but you gotaa love it
- ViennaProud

Jun. 21, 2007

Pluses: Beautiful place to live, nice and quite and very green, lots of trees. Lake Selby is a very nice body of water, with great views of Mount Pinacle. Dunham is also wine country, so we have the best of both worlds. Shopping is only 10 min away in the city of Cowansville, very convenient.

Minuses: None, just a great place to live !!!

A great place to... Visit, eat, swim, lots of biking in this area, many tours from all over, come to Dunham. Of course, the wine is good also. Dunham also has its own beer making facility, five new kinds on tap. Lots of activities, especially between May and October.

Other info: Just love the place, its the place to be !!!
- thedude

Jun. 18, 2007

Pluses: Great little Village in it's day !!!!
A lot of good memories
My New Project ( Learning more about Dungannon ) and spread the word about this great little Hamlet in the Heart of God's Country ( Huron County )

Minuses: Run down, neglected, forgotten !!!!

A great place to... Make a new home, great place to visit, looking into the past.

Other info: Get the book called Once Upon A Time in Dungannon.
got my Copy in Goderich . Printed in 2005. Published by the Dungannon 150th Committee.
- Adrian1950

Jun. 17, 2007

Pluses: I was born and raised here,and want it to stay a nice small community

Minuses: growing way to fast ...don't like it one little bit

A great place to... quit moving to
- kathyp63

Jun. 16, 2007

Pluses: Quiet, peaceful, picturesque

Not far from St. Peter's for your everyday needs and only 20 minutes aways for shopping.

A great place to... Great place to raise children. It is very safe and friendly.
Great place to retire and enjoy life.
- CraftyCottage

Jun. 15, 2007

Pluses: pituresque

Minuses: not much to do

A great place to... relax/retire

Other info: on south shore historjcal settled by french early 1600s
- peterd
Pluses: No road. Quiet. Clean.

Minuses: None

A great place to... Party

Other info: Overall nice place to relax.
- Jenny59

Jun. 13, 2007

Pluses: QUIET
Steps to the ocean
Within a short walk to the bank,
a convenience store,
great seaside takeout.
Local baseball
Town Hall
Great little park
Did I as a Toronto native say QUIET yet???

Minuses: Well water, water shortages at times...sometimes overly thick fog...

A great place to... Live if you like peace and quiet....
relax, vacation....
- lalston
Pluses: great town very quiet

Minuses: no school

A great place to... live and visit
- pond

Jun. 11, 2007

Pluses: Many great people, good scenery

Minuses: Boring, huge misquitos

A great place to... Meet with family

Other info: Gladstone is a small town with a camping site, ice arena, pool, and, unfortunately, has horrid misquitos. If anyone in the Kerr family reads this, there is a family reunion on the weekend of June 21, 2007.
- iner22
A great place to... relax,and have a good time wit family and friends
- gunit66
Pluses: Great little town to live in, was raised there

Minuses: can't think of any

A great place to... raise your children, retire

Other info: Nice quiet town
- Rhonda07

Jun. 8, 2007

Pluses: Small Community..
Friendly Attmospher.
Country Side Farming Fields
Don't have to Dress up really.
Layed Back
Beautiful large Victorian Homes
Large Trees surronding area.
No Traffic Lights
Walking distance to stores, Schools, Parks, Arena, Restaurantsssss....Bar, Liquior Store Flower shop,Hairdressers, laundry Mat, Convience Stores, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, lawn Bowling, Curling, Lions Club hall/Bar, Firehall, Municipality Building, Post Office, Speciality tea and Coffee shops. Video Rentals,
Kids Events,. Figure Skating, Hockey, Baseball, Broom Ball, Brownies, Guides, Boys cubs & Scouts, Nursey school,Awania's.
Many churchs within the community (3)
Nursing Home in town, Funeral Home in town, Cemetary in town,

Minuses: Well hmmmm.....

SHOPPING... I MEAN TRUE SHOPPING, REALLY ISN'T AVAILABLE required to drive out of town to hit a mall or major Department stores.

Timmie's Nope.... Must Drive to reach one, approx 20 - 30 min.

Doctors in town ... NOPE.
Hospitals in town ....Nope
Industry not too much in this town., most ppl must commuit to get to work (which is back roads) same time but further distance.

Taxes same as all Durham basically but we seem to lack some luxuries of Nice roads, Plants, and Fix ups here and there due to not as much industry apparently.

I guess this would be some ppl's issues. but personally the positives make up for the minuses.

A great place to... Live.....relax....and feel like you live out of the busy city life. . I think.

See farm land, smell fresh manour, dead road kill (skunks) and see some field mice, bats, and Herons coming from the Beaver River. (which is in town)

You seem to know where your kids are...or someone does. If you don't know what they are up too someone does and you find out.

You really don't have to travel to far to have your children in an activity. A small place brings ppl together.

Helping assisting parents are always there if need be, to assist each other.

Other info: Cannington is in the Heart of Ontario.
Which is really quit understandable.
The peacefull, tranquillity of the days sunset slowing brings you to total relaxation.
Many events through our community comes together because of the ppl whom live in this town.
It sometimes feels like one big family.
- Wezie1

Jun. 3, 2007

Pluses: quiet and peacful place to live

Minuses: just a bit far from the city

A great place to... to live
- Rhoda

Jun. 2, 2007

Pluses: Beautiful, quiet little town - Great people

A great place to... Go for a long walk, enjoy the scenery
- parrysound
Pluses: excellent cottage country, weekend getaways

Minuses: none

A great place to... get away for the weekend with friendly people
- gerrypower

Jun. 1, 2007

Pluses: Small community, easy to fit in. Good school and businesses. Lots of activities.

A great place to... Go to school. Have friends. Have fun
- Kimberly169

May. 30, 2007

Pluses: Picturesque
Warm in the summer

A great place to... Visit!
- seidlpj
Pluses: great people

Minuses: flat and no ocean

A great place to... raise children and quiet life
- cici

May. 29, 2007

Pluses: beach!
- blahblah125

May. 28, 2007

Pluses: Great place to grow up!

Minuses: too Isolated

A great place to... be a Kid
- PrincessPickleBucket
Pluses: Small town atmosphere is good for raising children in. A tight knit community full of good people.

A great place to... Raise children
- tscgenie
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